Give to the Max Day- November 17, 2016

Join thousands of Minnesotans donating thousands of dollars to non-profits in MN! You are able to donate to GRFP’s Give to the Max Day Goal from November 1-17th by visiting our page here- Give to the Max Day 2016.

Why Donate to GRFP?

In the last three and a half years we have made a difference in the lives of more than 160 individuals, with more than half of them being children. We are more than just a shelter, we are a program that helps families overcome barriers to housing stability. We follow our families for one year after leaving our program to ensure that families remain stable in their housing. We have been able to help 90% of our families obtain and maintain permanent affordable housing after leaving our shelter program.


One Family’s Success

Mike and his wife found themselves homeless after Mike was injured on the job and wasn’t able to pay rent as the work comp claim was being disputed. They eventually ran out of places to stay after being evicted from their home, and ended up sleeping in their vehicle with their three children. That’s when they turned to us. After spending their allotted time in our program, they moved into their permanent home in Big Lake. Mike and his wife were so touched by the support they were given and felt passionate about helping others that may find themselves where they once were, that they began to volunteer their time. They came to the Day Center to volunteer and also choose to volunteer at a local church during their host week. This year we decided that we could really use Mike’s help on another level and hired him as an on call staff person. This family has truly come full circle!