Great River Family Promise currently has 13 Host Churches that rotate hosting our families for a week at a time. The churches, along with our support churches, provide housing and hospitality for our families.

Case Management

At our Day Center, our executive director and case manager provide intensive case management to our families. Depending on the needs of the individual family, our staff assists with housing, job searches, healthcare, county resources and legal assistance, along with guiding our families through a rigorous curriculum that facilitates and reinforces skills needed to maintain affordable, safe, long term housing.


Great River Family Promise provides our families with many resources. The Day Center is a place to shower, do laundry, conduct job and housing searches, and to receive support from our case manager and executive director. One of the most important resources provided for our guests is a mailing address without which our families could not apply for county resources.


Many of our families come to our program without reliable transportation. Great River Family Promise provides transportation to appointments, interviews and jobs. We also maintain a transportation assistance program that provides simple repairs and assistance to our families.


When a family leaves our program, the support does not stop there. We provide after-care to each family which includes house visits, resources and support from our case manager.

Know someone that needs help? Please contact us at 763-441-9093.