Here are a few examples of the great work GRFP is doing in our community:

Prevented Newborn Infants from Entering Foster Care

We received a call from a Hospital social worker with a family with twin baby girls that had nowhere to go. If the family wasn’t able to find a place, the babies would need to go to foster care. That evening, our case manager waited at the host church for the family to arrive. After several breakdowns on the way, the family arrived and our case manager was able to do the intake at the church that very night.

The family had nothing for the babies but a few diapers and outfits from the hospital. The joy on their faces when they saw their room where the church set up a crib, a table full of clothes, diapers and wipes was overwhelming. The very next day at our day center, the mother wasted no time working on her goals. She started making phone calls for housing applications, dad found a temporary job at a local farm and mom was able to continue to care for their little ones.

After a very disappointing experience with a housing situation fall through, the couple was able to find a position with a long-term homeless program. On October 1st, the family moved into their new home! Not only did they leave with the blessing of the Great River Family Promise staff, they left with a huge moving truck full of furniture from Faith in Action, baby clothes, diapers, clothing for themselves and their other two children-  all donated by volunteers.

This family left with all of the resources they need to succeed in their new community, and they are now still succeeding on their own.

From Receiving Assistance to Helping Others

GRFP received a call from a family that had been staying in their car with their 3 children. The family worked their case plan, sought jobs but found minimal leads. Ultimately, they hoped to find a trailer home but were unable to finance it and were waiting on money from a workers’ comp claim.

Unfortunately, when the family’s 60 days were up at GRFP, the family had to leave our program without housing. However, they were able to continue to use the day center and get resources through our aftercare program.

The Monday after they moved out, a lead turned up in Blaine, MN. However, when our case manager reached out to the family, they had some pretty amazing news. A volunteer wanted to purchase them a trailer home in Big Lake. The family was excited and had also finally received the worker’s comp check so could do the necessary work to make it a home.

The family is currently living where they wanted to be, have started a home business and are doing very well for themselves and their children. They have also donated to and assisted families in the program and are serving as volunteers at one of the host churches.

Aftercare Works Wonders

During a routine home visit, our case manager was discussing budgeting with a single mother of two boys. During the conversation, it came up that mom may have to quit her job due to her son being kicked out of daycare. Because our case manager knew her son has a diagnosis, she suggested that mom apply for a PCA to help her out. She also suggested that maybe her son’s father can watch the children on the weekends so she can work.

Later, mom stopped in at the day center with great news. She was able to switch to weekends at her job and will have a PCA for 5 hours a day to assist with her son. Aftercare truly helps families stay successful and independent!