• The van and trailer arrive at the host congregation to set up the rooms for the week with beds, tables, families’ belongings, etc.
  • A volunteer picks up the families at the Day Center and brings them to the congregation.
  • Families relax, have dinner and meet the new coordinator and volunteers.

During the Day at the Day Center:

  • Each morning of hosting, a volunteer takes the guests to the Day Center in Elk River. From there, school-age children will bus to school and parents will go to their jobs.
  • If parents do not have a job, they work with staff at the Day Center to seek employment, housing, and other resources.
  • The Day Center has computers, phones, fax, etc. to help families in their plan. We also have a playroom for children not in school.
  • Families also shower, do laundry and get ready for the day at the Day Center.
  • At approximately 5pm, the guests return to the host congregation.

Each Evening at the Host Congregation:

  • Dinner is served to our guests. Parents are responsible for their children and help with clean up.
  • After dinner, there is fellowship provided by volunteers. Families may play games, do homework, watch movies, and get prepared for the next day.
  • The host congregation provides a bag lunch for the next day as well as breakfast in the morning.


  • The Day Center is not open on Saturdays so many churches choose to keep the families and provide entertainment for them.